Analysis: Supporting the Green Transition through Regulatory Cooperation within the Trade and Technology Council (TTC)

In this analysis, the National Board of Trade Sweden investigates the potential for enhanced transatlantic regulatory cooperation to support the green transition within the framework of the EU-US Trade and Technology Council (TTC).

The National Board of Trade envisages the Trade and Technology Council (TTC) having an important role to play in identifying and reducing unnecessary regulatory barriers to trade for climate-friendly goods and their inputs.

In this analysis, we outline a number of ideas and recommendations for regulatory cooperation within the TTC, for example:

  • Creating an early warning system for new regulation.
  • Establishing transatlantic policy labs.
  • Working towards consistent measurement, accounting, and verification of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Cooperating towards common standards for measurement of embedded emissions to encourage trade in low-emissions steel.
  • Supporting the green transition in new innovative areas (e.g. autonomous vehicles).
  • Facilitating the expansion of the charging infrastructure.
  • Updating existing mutual recognition agreements on conformity assessment to support the green transition.