Summary of the analysis of CETA

The analysis covers certain parts of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the European Union and Canada. The analysis covers the provisions on investment protection including the ICS (Investment Court System), public procurement, environmental and health related issues, trade in services and the Regulatory Cooperation Forum.

The assignment is a follow-up to an earlier government assignment to the National Board of Trade to analyse possible effects of CETA on the environment, human and animal health as well as democratic decision-making.

The Board has been asked to illustrate and define the risks associated with the provisions on investment protection and the ICS on Swedish legislation, policy space and levels of protection. Moreover, the Board was asked to investigate the possibility of introducing legislation on renewable energy, environmental protection related to mining and chemicals, integrity issues and animal protection, without running the risk of claims for compensation from investors. The Board was also asked to analyse the possibility of introducing or maintaining public monopolies or public utility companies.

This is a summary of the full analysis Analys av frihandelsavtalet mellan EU, dess medlemsstater och Kanada, by the National Board of Trade. The full analysis is  available only in Swedish.