Market study: The Swedish Market for Textiles


Sweden has a renowned fashion and home textiles industry, fronted by international giants like H&M and IKEA. These are followed by a number of brands (also) operating on an international stage.

Historically Sweden had its own manufacturing, but in an effort to cut costs, production was outsourced mainly to Bangladesh, China, India, Marocco and other third countries.

With a fashion aware population and a high living standard, Sweden is the ideal market for the fashion industry, which keeps showing growth and is expected to do so in the coming years. The sustainability trend seen in other fields has in recent years gained a foothold in clothing as well. Consumers, although fashion aware, are becoming increasingly environmentally friendly, putting pressure on the industry to deliver. Sustainability is a broad term and in this context may be defined as: the use of sustainable or recycled materials and keeping the production chain free from chemicals. As an exporter to Swedish retailers, you need to accommodate in the sustainability departement.

If you are on the look out for new markets, read up on the market studies offered by the National Board of Trade Sweden. In this study we give an overview of the Swedish market for textiles. You will find useful information on opportunities and pitfalls, and how to best do your market research.