Swedish services regulations through the Point of Single Contact

Do you want to provide services within the EU and need to find out which national rules apply? The Point of Single Contact provides you with information on national rules. You can also apply for a permit, submit a registration or find the responsible authorities.

Providing services

Companies established in one EU country have the right to provide their services in all EU countries, for example by providing their services during a short period of time or by offering services online. They also have the right to establish themselves permanently in another EU country.

Each EU country provides assistance to companies in the services sector through so-called Points of Single Contact.

Here, you can find out what national requirements that may apply to different service activities, apply for a permit and find the relevant authority for a particular service activity. Several Points of Single Contact offer electronic application procedures, and in some cases, it is possible to register a company.

The Swedish Point of Single Contact is an integrated part of the business website verksamt.se.

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Buying services

The service provider is not allowed to discriminate against a buyer on the basis of nationality or place of residence. Moreover, it is regulated what pieces of information the service provider has to present. Through the Contact Points, you will find information on what requirements apply to service providers, opportunities for judicial review and contact information for organisations where you can get practical help.

Do you have questions on services regulation?

We gladly answer questions on the EU Services Directive and the Swedish Law on Services on the Internal Market. However, for practical questions on how to start a business or apply for a permit, please consult the Point of Single Contact (button above).

The services regulations team

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