Get information on Swedish product regulations from the Product Contact Point

Does your company want to sell a product to Sweden and need to find out what rules apply? Then you are welcome to contact us at the National Board of Trade. The service is free of charge.

Waltraud Heinrich, legal adviser, explains how the Product Contact Point helps companies find out which regulations apply to their product in Sweden.

In some cases, EU authorities may require national regulation on certain products. The National Board of Trade provides information on what rules apply to a specific product in Sweden. We contact the responsible authority and then communicate back to you within 15 working days. We can also assist you in finding out what rules apply in other EU countries. The assistance is free of charge.

The National Board of Trade offers this service as Sweden's so-called Product Contact Point (PCP). Such contact points exist in all EU countries and in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. They can help you with the product rules in their respective countries.

From the PCP, you can also get

  • information on how to appeal a decision from an authority
  • contact details to authorities, both in Sweden and the EU (and Norway) if you want to get in direct contact with them
  • information on the principle of mutual recognition and how authorities should apply it (EU Regulation 2019/515).

Voluntary declaration of mutual recognition

The free movement of goods means that you should be able to trade freely across the borders within the EU. This means that if your company has sold a product legally in one member state, it may be sold in other member states without further adaptations or tests (according to the principle of mutual recognition).

If an authority nevertheless stops a product, the authority must have legitimate reasons. The decision must be motivated. Within this process, the company has an opportunity to hand in a voluntary declaration of mutual recognition for the product that has been legally sold in another member state.

The declaration needs to be sent to the authority assessing to stop the product. Documents confirming the information given in the declaration, for example invoices or certificates, must accompany the declaration. Template form in all EU languages for declaration of mutual recognition

When a product risks being stopped in another EU country

When an authority wants to stop your company’s product, the authority must contact you and your company immediately. The authority must inform you on which product is concerned and why the product risks being stopped. The authority also has to inform you on your possibility to hand in a declaration of mutual recognition. If you have questions concerning this procedure, contact the Product Contact Point at the National Board of Trade.

When a product has been stopped in another EU country

An authority that decides to stop a product from being sold in Sweden, generally always must inform on how to appeal the decision. In the authority decision you should also find information on how to contact SOLVIT