Ukraine's integration with the EU in trade

We are cooperating with Ukraine in a number of areas to promote Ukraine's integration with the EU in the field of trade.

Support for Ukraine's exports to Sweden and the EU

Open Trade Gate Sweden (OTGS) collaborates with Ukraine to promote the country's exports to Sweden and the EU.

Within the Trade Academy Trade Promotion training programme, we train organisations that work to support companies that want to export to Sweden and the EU. The programme involves export promotion organisations in Ukraine, among others, with the aim of increasing their knowledge and expertise in trade and export promotion.

Together with the Ukrainian export promotion organization Entrepreneurship Export Promotion Office (EEPO), we support Ukrainian companies in the IT and food sectors to export to Sweden.

We educate companies on what it means to export to the EU's internal market and in particular the Swedish market, and companies participate with us at important fairs, such as the Stockholm Tech Show and SIAL.

Support in Ukraine's EU accession negotiations

We support Ukraine in the accession negotiations with the EU in various ways.

We coordinate a high-level group within the Nordic-Baltic cooperation NB8 that supports Ukrainian decision-makers and negotiators in Ukraine's accession to the EU.

In the Trade Academy EU Integration training programme, we train Ukrainian civil servants in ministries and authorities involved in Ukraine's EU accession process. The training aims to increase knowledge about the integration process as well as the competence and understanding to handle a future membership.

We also support the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine in some of their areas of responsibility linked to EU accession. Right now, the focus is on what a future EU membership means for technical barriers to trade.

An analysis of the trade between EU and Ukraine

The free trade agreement between the EU and Ukraine (DCFTA) has resulted in their trade doubling. Further economic integration with the EU is important for Ukraine's economic recovery and future stability, according to a new analysis from the National Board of Trade Sweden. Read the report Trade Effects of the EU–Ukraine Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement

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