Webinars: Exporting to Sweden and the EU

Open Trade Gate Sweden's webinars is about exporting to Sweden and the EU. If you work with fruits and vegetables, textiles or cosmetics we have specifik webinars for you.

At our webinars, you receive practical information regarding EU requirements and standards. We also provide product-specific information for the targeted sectors and provide facts about Sweden and the Swedish market as well as consumer demands and trends.

Green Deal and due diligence: how do they affect your business?

Sweden is a prospective market for exports from developing countries, but the increasing sustainability requirements in the EU can be challenging.

This webinar gives you an overview of how upcoming legislation can impact you as a producer, exporter, business support organisation or embassy from a developing country. It helps you to orient yourself to the current and future business sustainability climate in the EU and advises you on how to be successful in the EU market by staying on top of the regulatory development.

Webinar: Green Deal and due diligence

How to succeed at international trade fairs

Are you a company with limited trade fair experience and want to improve your trade fair skills? Do you want to learn how to find potential buyers in Europe? Participation in international trade fairs is important for export sales and your company. Fairs can open a multitude of opportunities for exhibitors.

In this webinar, you can get insights on key factors to make your participation a success. The webinar focuses on commercial skills and covers the following aspects:

  • How to prepare prior to the fair.
  • How to be proactive before and during the fair.
  • How to optimise the possibilities to reach potential buyers.
  • How to follow up the fair participation.

Webinar: How to succeed at international trade fairs

Exporting food ingredients

Do you have a food ingredient that Swedish consumers would love? Sweden is a potential market for food ingredients from developing countries. Although Swedish food processors and importers tend to source food ingredients via other European countries, some ingredients are sourced directly.

In this webinar, you can learn more about the trends, leading market players and requirements for this segment.

Webinar: Opportunities for food ingredients on the Swedish market

Exporting a food product

Do you have a food product that you think the Swedish consumers would love? Before you start exporting, there are some important issues that you need to be aware of for a successful market entry.

In this webinar you can meet Jenny Köpper who shares her view of what is needed to succeed in the Nordic countries. During her international business career, she has held several positions as buyer, category manager, business developer, CEO, mentor and advisor.

Webinar: Do you have a food product and want to enter the Swedish market?

Exporting green coffee beans

Swedes consume 7.7 kg of coffee per person per year, making Sweden one of the biggest coffee consumers per capita in the world. Sweden is also one of only six countries in EU with a roastery business and has a growing number of microroasters. In 2021 Sweden imported 98,000 tons of green coffee beans.

During this webinar, you can get insights into the Swedish market and current market trends for green coffee beans. You will also get practical advice on how to enter the Swedish market, how to organise logistics and what regulations exist.

Webinar: The Swedish market for green coffee beans

Exporting fruits and vegetables

Swedish retailers sell fresh fruits and vegetables for more than 3 billion USD annually. A substantial part is imported. The market is shaped by strong sustainability trends and changes in buyer and consumer behaviour are expected in the coming years.

During an hour we will give you insights about the current situation on the Swedish market, trends, rules and regulations that your product need to comply with. You will also gain a better understanding and tips on how to approach the market. Watch the webinar here:

Webinar: Exporting fruits and vegetables to Sweden and the EU

Exporting textiles

Swedes buy a lot of textiles which for the most part are made outside the European Union. Do you know what it takes to enter this market and Sweden in particular? Is your offer a match to the market demand?

During an hour, you will get insights about the demand and trends in textiles in Sweden. You will learn about new requirements as well as claims for more sustainable products and business ideas. You will also get recommendations from Swedish textile importers.

Webinar: Exporting textiles to Sweden and the EU

Exporting cosmetic products

Sweden is the 8th market for cosmetic products in Europe, with sales amounting to 2 billion euros in 2020. The market is expected to show a modest growth in the coming years, but it is still important to keep an eye on it if you are a producer or exporter of natural ingredients for cosmetics and plan to target it.

During an hour, you will get insights about the current situation, trends, opportunities, rules and regulations that your product needs to comply with. You will also get recommendations on how to approach the market.

Webinar: Exporting natural ingredients for cosmetics to the EU