Mapping out the target market

You have an idea of which market is interesting to you (your target market). Now you need to gather relevant information about this market. Look up trends and identify the segment that could be suitable for your product. This is important when you set out to export.

Trends in your target market

Understanding the trends and how your product meets them is vital for your business decisions and business relations. We give you an insight into some trends that affect buyers’ and consumers’ decisions in Europe (and Sweden):

  • Sustainability
  • Circular economy
  • Online and technology in everyday life
  • Convenience and flexibility
  • Health and safety
  • Aging population and small households

Keeping up with trends

Finding the right segment for your product

If your product matches the trends, then you should continue by gathering more information about segments in your target market and main players. Matching your product with the right segment on your target market is important when identifying the buyers that you put on your list of prospects to contact. Here you will find tips on:

  • How to decide what segment is relevant for your product.
  • How to map out the important players in your target market – importers, wholesalers, retailers.

Segments and players

Find out about the Swedish market in our market studies

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