Trade Academy EU Integration

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Trade Academy EU Integration is a free training programme for trade officials and officials working on EU integration. During the eight months programme, you will delve into the workings of the EU, both digitally and on site in Stockholm.

The course aims to provide the knowledge and capacities needed to understand how EU works in the field of trade and EU internal market. It also aims to increase the participants understanding of trade-related legislative requirements and what they mean in practice from the perspective of an EU member state. In the context of current EU accession process, the course also aims to provide participants with practical tools for the accession negotiations, both in terms of methodology (negotiation technique) and substance.

After the course the participants will have gained a better comprehension of the complex mechanisms of negotiations and decision-making in the EU; they have also obtained practical experience and tools necessary to negotiate more effectively at EU level.

Who can participate in the programme?

Trade Academy EU Integration is intended for trade officials and officials working on EU integration. 2024 is the first time for this training and participants from Moldova and Ukraine have been invited to participate in the programme. To participate, you need to work at a Ministry or a public agency with trade-related and EU integration issues. Or, you are a civil servant responsible for the implementation of the EU acquis or involved in the process of harmonisation. Representatives from local authorities, business organisations and academia could also be considered, each participant is selected by the National Board of Trade. To qualify, your employer needs to authorise your participation, as you will be away from your work for some time.

An interactive training programme in hybrid format

The programme combines classroom training, e-learning and study visits in Stockholm. Applied knowledge is a key component of Trade Academy EU Integration.

Trade Academy EU Integration provides opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience on benefits, challenges, and methods for EU integration related to trade with experts and colleagues from Sweden and other EU member states.

Trade Academy EU Integration

Programme duration: 8 months
Study format: Hybrid (distance learning/Stockholm)
Suitable for: Civil servants
Language: English
Price: Free of charge

Course focus and content

The programme reflects trade from a civil servant perspective and provides a holistic view of EU integration. It includes topics such as:

  • Different forms of trade integration: customs union, free trade agreement including DCFTA, internal market, EU-membership.
  • EU trade policy and trade on the internal market from the perspective of an EU member state.
  • General knowledge about the EU.
  • Trade in goods and trade in services.
  • Digital single market.
  • Building a strong public administration for EU integration.
  • Trade and sustainable development.
  • EU membership from a business perspective.
  • Communication as a tool for EU integration.
  • Role playing game simulating an EU accession negotiation.

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