The Road to Export

Embarking on the journey to export to other markets could be both challenging and rewarding. Identifying promising markets is the first step of the journey. The European Union (EU) as a whole or its 27 member countries may be interesting markets to explore further.

Sweden is member of the EU, a union with many common rules. Customs tariffs for imported products are the same in all EU member countries. Imported goods to one EU country can move around freely within the union. Traded goods must comply with the same rules, regardless of them being produced in or imported into the EU. When it comes to the market, Sweden has its own particularities – trends, demand, players on the market, how buyers choose suppliers. Learn more on this website.

A guide for exporters

Follow the steps in our guide to start your export journey. Our Road to Export is a guide for you to use when exploring and researching potential export markets, as well as getting practical information on exporting to Sweden and the EU.