Getting started

Do you have a product that you wish to export, but no idea how and where to start? One way is to identify potentially interesting markets by using trade statistics already available. First, identify the classification code of your product. Then research potential markets with the help of trade statistics. Why this is important to you:

Classification code

The classification code is key to find information on

  • customs duty, taxes and fees
  • different kinds of requirements, including legal requirements
  • rules of origin required for lowered import tariffs
  • trade statistics for market research

Trade statistics

Trade statistics will help you identify foreign markets that have potential for exports for your type of product. Look up and put together the following type of data:

  • Markets to which your country is exporting your type of product
  • Largest importing countries for your product
  • Other countries exporting your product (your competition in these foreign markets)

Learn how to classify your product and find trade data for free