Overview: Are you ready for export?

Check to see if you have looked into all necessary steps to be prepared for export to Sweden and the EU.

1. Learn how to classify your product

  • Do you have the correct customs code for your products? 

Classify your product

2. Understand the trends in the Swedish market

  • Research current trends in the Swedish market.
  • Match your products with the trends.

Keeping up with trends

3. Live up to requirements

  • Check requirements for your product on the identify markets.
  • Adapt your product to the requirements if needed.

Living up to requirements

4. Find a business partner

  • Approach players you have identify in your previous research.
  • Make sure you can be found online.
  • Participate in relevant trade fairs.

Find a business partner

5. Calculate customs duties

  • Find out the customs duties for importing your product to the Swedish market.

Customs duties

6. Check the rules of origin

  • Find out if there is a trade agreement between your country and the EU (Sweden is part of the EU´s trade agreements).
  • Make sure your products matches the rules of origin in the trade agreement

Rules of origin

7. Learn about logistics and documents

  • Research transport and logistics for your products.

Logistics and documents

8. Business negotiations

  • Negotiate a contract with your buyer (think about local business culture).

Business negotiations

Good luck with your export endeavours!