About Open Trade Gate Sweden

Open Trade Gate Sweden is a one-stop information centre tasked with assisting exporters from developing countries interested in the Swedish market. We are a part of the National Board of Trade Sweden.

Do you represent a company from a developing country and want to start exporting to Sweden? We are here to help. In order to facilitate trade and increase exports from developing countries, Open Trade Gate Sweden provides information on rules and technical requirements as well as market information. 

All our services are free of charge.

Facilitating trade from developing countries to Sweden

Are you an exporter in a developing country, feel free to contact us for any queries on exporting to Sweden or product-specific requirements regarding your product. We will reply in a user-friendly format and respond to all queries. If a query concerns an area that we do not cover, we provide the contact details to the appropriate organisation.

We also arrange seminars and webinars on exports to Sweden. The seminars are organised in cooperation with the Swedish embassy in the host country and a local organisation, such as the official export promotion organisation or the Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, we work with long-term projects in a few countries. 

Open Trade Gate Sweden works with all developing countries as defined by the OECD:

OECD list of aid-recipient countries

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