How to register your case with SOLVIT

In order for SOLVIT to be able to handle a case, the circumstances of the problem need to have a cross-border element. In other words, the problem has arisen from someone (a person) or something (a product, a service or capital) having moved between two member states.

Government decision with an EU law perspective

In order for SOLVIT to address your problem, it must also have arisen because a national authority has made a decision in your individual case. The decision shall apply to a right or a specific benefit linked to the free movement of goods, services, persons or capital.

It is possible to register your case and describe the problem in all EU official languages.

Information needed for SOLVIT to be able to take on your case:

  • A clear and detailed description of the circumstances of your case.
  • A written authority decision or a clearly stated intention from a civil servant of the authority concerned. This is to show that the authority is responsible for handling of the case.
  • Providing contact details of the civil servant who handled your case facilitates our communication with the authority, but it is not necessary.

Have you run into problems with your right to free movement?

Do you have problems with the right to free movement within the EU or in the EEA countries Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein? Do you want help from SOLVIT? Please visit the SOLVIT website and answer the questions in order to find out if SOLVIT can help with your problem.

SOLVIT on the European Commission's website

This is how we handle your application

If the problem is for SOLVIT, you will be contacted by the appointed case handler. You will be informed if additional information is needed, or if you need to provide necessary documents in order for SOLVIT to handle your case.

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SOLVIT Sweden at the National Board of Trade

Would you like SOLVIT to handle your case? Then you first have to register on the European Commission's SOLVIT website. At SOLVIT Sweden, we are happy to answer any questions you may have on how to do this. When your case is registered, we will start working on it.

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