“For us, exporting to the EU is paramount”

Nicolae Guzun at Bend has been in Sweden to investigate the exporting possibilities. The Moldovan company takes part in a project for export support by Open Trade Gate Sweden.

Preparing an export plan

“Considering our current customer base, exporting to the EU is paramount to us. And this step also aligns with our goal to provide tech talent in Europe while also providing sustainable job growth back home,” says Nicolae Guzun.

Bend is one of twelve Moldovan companies participating in a project by Open Trade Gate Sweden, with the task of supporting companies on their road to export towards the Swedish market. Nicolae Guzun thinks that the visit to Stockholm has been a very important part of the project.

“We obtained insights in to the market. We have also been introduced to key markets with a high demand in the tech sector. We also had several coaching sessions where we learned new methodologies to be able to prepare an export plan, specifically tailored for the Swedish market.”

Exchanging expertise

Nicolae Guzun says his company sees Sweden as a leader in digital innovation and digital transformation. But, in return, he also thinks the IT sector in Moldova has a lot to offer to potential Swedish partners.

“Our IT specialists are well known for their deep technical knowledge, as well as for their agility and for their innovative approach. This means we could greatly contribute to the Swedish tech community.”

But to be able to start new partnerships it is important to get to know the partner. As with any other country, Sweden has a unique business environment and also has specific regulations.

“In order to find a partner, we need to understand the business culture, the way of doing business with Swedish companies. We also want to understand the actual needs in the tech sector here. But with the expert coaching and insights of OTGS and Ultero I am sure we will be able to navigate through these challenges,” says Nicolae Guzun.