Customs duties

Importing products to the EU from a country outside the EU may be subject to customs duties. The duties differ depending on the type of product and where the product comes from.

The customs duties are often applied as a percentage of the value of the products. For agricultural products, specific duties can be based on quantity or weight or a combination of percentage and weight-based duties.

Once products originating from outside the EU have arrived to the EU area and the customs formalities have been completed, the products are released into free circulation and can be moved across all EU member states (the EU single market).

The tariff code leads way to applicable duty

With help of your tariff code, you can search for the specific duty that applies to your product. You can also find out whether there are import restrictions or quotas attached to the product. Therefore you need to know the HS code for your product. Read more on Classify your product.

Preferences give reduced customs duty

Sometimes there are free trade arrangements between non-EU countries and the EU, as well as preferences given by the EU. Preferences means that you can benefit from reduced or zero tariffs. To qualify for these preferential tariff rates you need to follow the rules of origin. Read more on Rules of origin

To find out what customs duty there is for your specific product into Sweden and the EU, use Access2Markets, a free online tool from the European Commission. Go to Access2Markets.

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At Open Trade Gate Sweden, we can assist you with finding the customs duty that apply to your product. Please include as detailed description as possible of the product that you want more information about.

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