Publications from 2016 and older

Here you will find publications from August 2016 and older. The publications are sorted by subject. If you are interested in a publication that is not linked here, you are welcome to request it from our registry clerk.

EU free trade agreements and other trade agreements

CETA – the EU free trade agreement with Canada

TTIP – negotiations EU–USA about a free trade agreement

Sustainability – environment and climate

Sustainability – social

  • Gender impacts of international trade and trade policy – a case study of the FTA between Korea and the EU (2011)

Sweden´s foreign trade



Global value chains

Trade Defence Instruments

EU internal market – free movement


Free movement of persons




  • Economic Implications of the Doha Round (2006)
  • How Can the Doha Negotiations Promote Development? (2005)
  • Consequences of the WTO Agreements for Developing Countries (2004)

Bilateral Investment

  • Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) – how they work (2013)

Animal and plant health measures (SPS)

  • Sweden’s Work with SPS-related Export Barriers – A guide for Swedish Embassies on exports of processed food and agricultural products (2012)

Rules of origin

Intellectual Property Rights

  • The WTO decision on compulsory licensing (2008)

Trade facilitation

  • Mutual Recognition of AEO Programmes. Supply Chain Security and Trade Facilitation – Progress Report Fall 2010
  • Trade Facilitation – a Developing Country Issue (2003)
  • Trade Facilitation - Impact and Potential Gains (2002)

The Cloud

  • How Borderless is the Cloud? An introduction to cloud computing (2012)

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