Ukraine and Moldova: The Path to the EU

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Published: 11 Apr 2024

How does the EU single market work and how does the EU deal with trade issues? These are key questions for 18 civil servants from Ukraine and Moldova taking part in a specially adapted training course at the National Board of Trade Sweden this week.

“We have been involved in training civil servants in trade policy in our Trade Academy programme for many years, but this is the first trial of a new branch: Trade Academy EU Integration. The course is tailor-made for Moldova and Ukraine,” explains project manager Anneli Wengelin.

Ukraine and Moldova both have EU candidate status and are now working to meet the accession criteria. National Board of Trade Sweden has invited civil servants working with EU integration to participate in a training in EU trade policy. The aim is to provide the best possible conditions for preparing for EU membership.

“Preparation for EU membership is an extensive process that will affect a great many people working in ministries, government agencies and trade and industry. We are keen to contribute to this process by giving participants practical tools for working towards accession and eventual active EU membership.”

The programme started in Stockholm on Monday and will continue for the rest of the year with both digital and in-class sessions.

“For me, the part about sustainable trade has been of most interest. It is also very valuable to get some insights in the conditions and provisions on how our companies could access the EU market”, says Viorica Cojuhari from the Ministry of Economic Development and Digitalisation in Moldova.

Marcela Lozovanu represents a fashion business organisation in Moldova and also works with EU integration.

“It is very valuable to get information about what we need to do to prepare our companies for the integration process and what they can do to be EU competitive. It is also a very good opportunity to meet other people from Ukraine and Moldova and to learn from each other. “