Services facilitate green transition but trade barriers need to be removed


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Published: 08 Nov 2022

Trade in services is key in achieving the green transition. Our new report shows the role of services, and how they can contribute, with focus on the EU. However, there are barriers to trade in these services, barriers that the EU and the Member States should try to eliminate.

– Services play a key role in achieving the green transition of the EU’s industrial ecosystems. However, barriers to the free movement of services on the Single Market risk slowing down the green transition, Anna Graneli, trade policy adviser at the National Board of Trade Sweden says.

A range of services that could be considered green services, is identified in the report. These services contribute to making industrial ecosystems in the EU less carbon intensive, more circular and more protective of the natural environment, based on the objectives of the European Green Deal. With examples from construction and energy-intensive industries we show how they contribute.

– The report provides new arguments on the need for an increased level of ambition in removing barriers to the free movement of services.

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Green Services in the Single Market – facilitating the transition of the EU’s industrial ecosystems