Trade policy can be used to a greater extent to strengthen the EU’s resilience and security


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Published: 23 Apr 2024

The new European Commission must use trade as a tool to strengthen the EU’s resilience and security. The Commission should also strive to reach an agreement in the WTO to prohibit fossil fuel subsidies. These are some of the recommendations of the National Board of Trade Sweden to the new European Commission.

“International trade contributes to economic security in peacetime and is a lifeline in times of war and crisis. We face many challenges, including geopolitical conflicts, climate change and increasing protectionism; international trade plays a vital role in countering their negative effects,” says Director General Anders Ahnlid.

The report from the National Board of Trade contains specific recommendations on how the new European Commission can utilise trade policy in four areas:

  • Trade for Security
  • Trade for Competitiveness
  • Trade for Climate
  • Trade and Digitalisation

Read the recommendations and download the report: Making the EU Safer, Greener, more Competitive and Digitalised – Trade policy recommendations to the new European Commission