Collaboration EU–US to support climate transition

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Published: 14 Jun 2022

There are several opportunities for regulatory cooperation to promote climate change mitigation within the EU-US Trade and Technology Council, TTC. This is shown in a new analysis from the National Board of Trade Sweden.

– Collaboration could result in positive effects for Swedish and European companies that today trade with the US and experience barriers to trade and problems with placing climate-friendly products on the American market, says Linda Bodén, senior adviser at the National Board of Trade Sweden.

– The Trade and Technology Council (TTC) may play an important role in future discussions on regulatory cooperation and how it can promote the green transition. As it is a new setting for cooperation, there is a possibility that the TTC can move the parties’ collaborative efforts forward, despite historical deadlocks relating to the differing European and American systems of technical regulations and standards.

Several of the proposals in the analysis have proved to be in line with how the EU and the US have chosen to move forward, which shows that the proposals are relevant.

– We also hope that the form of regulatory cooperation being conducted in the TTC can be an alternative for the EU to consider with other trading partners. This would promote regulatory cooperation through other avenues than free trade agreements which have been the traditional method up until now, says Linda Bodén.

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Supporting the Green Transition through Regulatory Cooperation within the Trade and Technology Council (TTC)