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Published: 02 Nov 2020

The National Board of Trade has reviewed the EU–Mercosur agreement in a number of areas, sectors and goods and analysed the effects that the agreement may have. An English summary of the analysis is now available.

The EU agreement with the Mercosur countries – Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay – will lead to simplified trade and reduced tariffs. Without sufficient legislation at national level, however, there is a risk of negative effects on climate and sustainability, yet the agreement creates opportunities for dialogue and cooperation on these issues. This is what the government agency National Board of Trade Sweden concludes, after having reviewed the trade parts of the agreement.

– The agreement will lead to several improvements and simplifications for companies wishing to trade with the Mercosur countries, says Emma Sävenborg who has coordinated the work with the analysis.

– The agreement also creates increased opportunities for cooperation and dialogue in areas where the EU and Mercosur are far apart, such as animal welfare and the use of antibiotics, which could have positive effects in the long term.

This report was commissioned by the Swedish Government to provide a  deeper analysis of the EU Mercosur free trade agreement.

Read interview in full and download the English summary
Analysis of the trade effects of the EU–Mercosur Association Agreement


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