The Swedish Market for Processed Food

Processed foods make up a large share of the Swedish food and grocery market, import turnover reaches nearly 8 million euros a year. Although unprocessed foods are on the rise due to higher level of environmental and health awareness, the purchasing of processed foods is steadly increasing. Products that Swedes can’t live without are coffee, tea and chocolate, just to mention a few where Swedish retaliers wholly rely on imports.

Besides these traditional products, the environmental friendly trend combined with an ever-growing interest in health, has given rise to a broader demand for vegetables, like a new type of beans and other ”exotics”, not growable in Sweden. This clearly offers a window of opportunity for third country exporters. But as this market study states, processed food imports are big in volume and covers nearly all foods.

If you are on the look out for new markets, read up on the market studies offered by the National Board of Trade Sweden. In this study we present an overview of the Swedish market for processed foods, partly from the perspective of supply possibilities and consumer demand and partly from the perspective of Sweden being a national market within the EU internal market.