Market study: The Swedish market for natural ingredients for cosmetics

oil close-up

Swedish imports of natural ingredients for cosmetics are growing. The Scandinavian beauty trend favours natural products that are sustainably sourced.

This market study provides an introduction to the Nordic market for natural
ingredients for cosmetics, giving an account of its structure and trends.
Europe’s REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation, and
Restriction of Chemicals) defines natural as a naturally occurring substance,
that is unprocessed or processed only by:

  • manual, mechanical, or gravitational means,
  • dissolution in water,
  • flotation,
  • extraction with water,
  • steam distillation or heating solely to remove water, or
  • which is extracted from air by any means.

Natural ingredients for cosmetics are thus defined as any raw materials
derived from plants or animals that are used in the production of cosmetics
and personal care products. Examples include essential oils, vegetable oils
and botanical extracts.

Swedish cosmetic manufacturers may buy their natural ingredients
through other European traders, depending on the volumes required. This means that to enter the Swedish market you can also work with importers in other countries, such as Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.