Market study: The Swedish Market for Food Ingredients

turmeric grains

In this study, you will get to know the Swedish market for food ingredients, such as turmeric, groundnuts, carrageenan, and guar gum.

A glimpse of the contents of this market study:

The Swedish food market was worth USD 32.3 billion in 2021, according to Statista. It is estimated to reach USD 41.5 billion by 2026. This growth translates into opportunities for a wide range of food ingredients.

Importers and processors of food ingredients

Importers are the main entry point for food ingredients entering the Swedish market. Food ingredients are sometimes processed in the country of origin and exported via agents and exporters. Large processors or retailers can source directly from exporters; this is not very common and it is only for certain food ingredients. In the study, you will learn about the general supply chain for food ingredients.

Understand the market structure

The Swedish market for food ingredients is highly fragmented, with several leading market players. There are many small and medium size companies that import food ingredients into the country. These companies can source from Europe and/or directly from producer countries. AAK is the largest importer in Sweden.

Keep up with the trends

Among Swedish consumers there is a rising concern about synthetic ingredients and ethical sourcing is growing in importance. The demand for plant-based food is increasing.

Requirements for exporting food ingredients to Sweden

Exporter of food ingredients have to follow mandatory EU regulations, such as the General Food Law. It ensures the safety of food ingredients in the EU. There is a traceability system in place that covers the complete supply chain under the General Food Law’s legislative framework. Through the traceability system one can check and trackback the food supplied to consumers and its production.

Determine your logistics solution

Shipping is considered the preferred way of transport and logistics for Swedish food ingredients importers. Air freight is considered less sustainable and less cost effective. However, in case of smaller order and faster orders, air freight is preferred. This also depends on the volume and type of the ingredient.

Find a business partner

Find out how Swedish buyers typically find trade partners (importers) and what trade shows/exhibitions are most important to access the Swedish market.