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Published: 13 Mar 2024

How could trade policy contribute to the nuclear power sector? Several things can be done to facilitate international trade to improve efficiency, reduce costs and promote innovation in the nuclear sector.

The National Board of Trade has examined how trade policy could help to reduce the costs of nuclear power.

“Nuclear power can assist in the transition away from fossil fuel use and thus contribute to the climate transition. Furthermore, international trade is important for the nuclear power industry in the construction of new plants, the maintenance of existing facilities and for nuclear fuels for energy generation”, says Neil Swanson, author of the report.

In the analysis from the National Board of Trade, there are several recommendations for policy makers both in the EU and its member states. For example, tariffs on imports of specialist nuclear equipment should be removed. We also recommend that the implementation of rules affecting the cross-border movement of materials and products for the nuclear industry is reviewed.

Read the whole interview and download the analysis
Nuclear Power and International Trade – Trade policy for a net-zero energy system

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