COP28: What is the impact of the EU Green Deal on EU's trade relations?

Erik Merkus

Erik Merkus, trade policy adviser, will participate in the COP28 seminar.


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Published: 29 Nov 2023

The United Nations Climate Change Conference COP28 starts the 30th of November, and this year includes a day specifically dedicated to trade and trade policy. The National Board of Trade will organise a seminar the 3rd of December at the Swedish Pavilion at COP28.

Erik Merkus, trade policy adviser, what is the seminar about?

– The European Union, through its ambitious EU Green Deal, aims to meet its goals under the Paris Agreement through a number of new climate-focused policies.

– These policies are designed to facilitate the transition to a greener global economy, but may increase the burden of suppliers in our partner countries around the world. Ensuring that we do not lose or jeopardize partnerships during this transition is important. Therefore, our seminar will specifically address and discuss the potential impact on our partners in low- and middle-income countries.

This is the first time that trade has a special place at COP28, why is this important?

– Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals put sustainability at the forefront of policy making, and trade policy is no exception. Trade can, for example, contribute to the green transition by spreading clean technologies. However, trade policy can contribute so much more. Well-designed trade policy could ensure high environmental standards and inclusive economic growth with our global partners.

What difference could that make?

– That is a very good question, and I am excited to get back to you after the event. I think it is important for the trade policy community to engage with the climate policy community, and this seems like a good venue for this. We can increase our understanding of their perspective, and we could inform climate policy makers of the role trade policy could play in our transition towards a greener economy.

The seminar will be livestreamed and you can also watch it afterwards.
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