Guide to the Swedish market

Here you can find links to business organisations, guides for exporters/Swedish importers, tariffs, taxes and regulations, business contacts, market information, fairs, and how to start a business in Sweden.

Swedish market information

Market information

  • Centre for the Promotion of Imports from developing countries
  • ITC’s Trade Map is a useful tool if you are interested in trade statistics. ITC provides monthly, quarterly and yearly trade data, import and export values, volumes, growth rates, market shares, etcetera.
  • ITC’s Sustainability map is a platform that provides information on standards and codes of conduct in global supply chains. You can choose your sector, private, public or international standards as well as area. (The link can only be opened in Chrome or Microsoft Edge.)

Business organisations

Embassies in Sweden

List of foreign embassies in Sweden

Guides for exporters/Swedish importers

Tariffs, taxes and regulations

Business contacts


Start a business in Sweden

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