Ukraine: Increase capacity and knowledge of export promotion staff

Open Trade Gate Sweden is engaged in a long-term project of two years together with the Export Promotion Office (EPO) in Ukraine.

The collaboration between OTGS and EPO in Ukraine was launched during the Swedish–Ukraine Business Forum in Kiev, in June 2018. Open Trade Gate Sweden also conducted an export seminar during the forum, which targeted Ukrainian companies interested in exporting fashion and clothing, home decorations and furniture.

The objective of the cooperation is to increase the capacity and knowledge of EPO staff, Ukrainian exporters and other relevant stakeholders within working methods, EU trade policy and mandatory requirements for exporting to Sweden and the EU, thereby enabling market access to Sweden and the EU.

Developing a helpdesk function

A particular focus of the project is on developing an Ukrainian online "helpdesk function", designed to increase the understanding of the export mechanisms to the EU and provide information on main requirements for exporting to the EU for Ukrainian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The helpdesk function is provided by EPO, although some of the information provided through it is reviewed by OTGS.

Improving knowledge

OTGS also supports EPO’s Export Education Unit in developing educational programmes for SMEs that are interested in exporting to the EU, both through in-person seminars and through e-learning tools.

The target audience for the project is Ukrainian SMEs interested in exporting or already exporting and aiming to expand to the new markets in the EU. With this project, exporters in Ukraine should improve their understanding of developments of international trade, the EU internal market and trade policy, thereby having access to an important part in the process of expanding exports to the EU.


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