Have your say on trade with India

Has your company experienced any barriers to trade or investments in India? There is now a possibility to have these problems discussed at a ministerial level meeting between Sweden and India. Share your experiences with us 3 October at the latest.

A bilateral trade meeting at Ministerial level (Joint Commission meeting) between Sweden and India is planned to take place in India early 2022. At the meeting, barriers to trade that companies experience in their trade with India, will be on the agenda.

The National Board of Trade Sweden will compile information for these discussions, based on companies´ experiences and testimonies. We are interested in your experience of barriers to trade in goods and services as well as investments.

Examples of barriers to trade are tariffs, quantitative restrictions, technical regulations, standards and testing, sanitary and phytosanitary measures, governmental procurement, intellectual property rights, investment barriers, barriers to trade in services etc. The types of problems can be different measures, the application of such measures or the lack of measures.

If your company wants such problems to be discussed during the meeting, please send us a thorough description of each problem. In doing so, please use the bulletpoints below as far as possible.

  • What goods (HS code)/services and/or investments that are involved.
  • Does the problem concern any specific law or regulation? Please describe as detailed as possible.
  • Are there any particular barriers and challenges affecting your trade and investment in India that may contribute to the countries' green transition?
  • Do you experience challenges in meeting your own sustainability goals in India and are there obstacles that affect your company's broader sustainability work?
  • Has your company complained to the authorities in India or have you received help from the Swedish embassy, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce or the European Commission and, if so, has this given any results?

We would also like to know how you view India as a market/supplier/country to trade with and invest in and if you have any views/priorities in view of eventual bilateral free trade agreement negotiations between India and the EU.

We need your answer by 3 October

We are very grateful for your answer 3 October at the latest. Send it to Nesli Almufti according to model firstname.lastname@kommerskollegium.se.

Please give us a contact details, such as e-mail address and phone number, to a person at your company so that we can follow up on your answers, if needed.

Thank you for your participation!


Nesli Almufti
+46-8-690 48 87

As a government agency, The National Board of Trade Sweden, follows the law on public access to information. Thus, we are grateful if you in your answers indicate any piece of sensitive information.