I can formulate the trade policy of my country

Participant Trade Academy

Tapas Chandra Banik, Bangladesh, student at Trade Academy

What are your personal gains from Trade Academy?

Trade Academy enhanced my knowledge in trade policy, how trade policy is formulated and the practical experience from the EU (how the policy is formulated, how the countries can coordinate and how the policy is maintained by all the countries). It will definitely help me formulate the trade policy of my country, and the consultative approach will be one of the major and fruitful ways to address our challenges. Bangladesh is now on its way to upgrading from an LDC to a developing country by 2024, so we need to reform our policy to meet the challenges.

I will try to use the inclusive and consultative approach.

What is the best thing about Trade Academy?

The interactive sessions between the participants and the lecturers are the best way to study, because they help to gain new knowledge. Also, the group work between the participants of different countries increases the opportunities to learn new things and to understand what is happening in different countries. It was very good to use the fictional country Algabia because it created an opportunity to learn all the things practically and it gave a practical experience in which we explored problems and looked for solutions in real-life situation cases.

Are you going to perform your work differently from now on?

Yes, I will try to use the inclusive and consultative approach. I would like to consult with all of the stakeholders so that I can learn and take notes from them, and will definitely try to formulate and suggest policy for the Government.