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The National Board of Trade´s seminars cover topics in the field of the EU internal market, international trade and trade policy. On this page, we invite you to join upcoming seminars and let you know when we participate as speakers in other seminars.


What should a new WTO agreement include to support the climate transition?

During WTO Public Forum, four days of seminars on Trade Beyond COVID-19: Building Resilience, the National Board of Trade Sweden participated with results from a coming analysis on how a new agreement could contribute to the climate transition and what it should include.

– There is much that the WTO and its members can negotiate to contribute to the climate transition. It is imperative that this work starts as soon as possible. In the report, we examine issues specific to liberalising trade in climate-friendly goods and services, and reforming fossil fuel subsidies. The report combines economic and legal analysis and provides policy recommendations on ways forward, says legal adviser Emilie Eriksson, who participated at the Forum.

This webinar was held 1 October 2021. Watch it on Youtube

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