Conferences and seminars with the National Board of Trade

The National Board of Trade´s seminars cover topics in the field of the EU internal market, international trade and trade policy. On this page, we invite you to join upcoming seminars and let you know when we participate as speakers in other seminars.

Building trade policy on contemporary science: The 2023 Heckscher-Ohlin Conference 11 May 2023

This conference aims to link contemporary research to modern policymaking. Researchers will present the state of knowledge in trade research. Decision-makers will comment and discuss how trade policy could be more evidence-based.

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Investment Arbitration in an Age of Geo-economic Power Struggles: Is Politicisation back? 2 February 2023

This seminar ponders whether investment arbitration is the new gunboat diplomacy and whether the drama we see in the hearing room may sometimes be a form of proxy war.

The seminar is part of the seminar series Fireside Talks that are convened by Jonas Hallberg (National Board of Trade) and Professor Steffen Hindelang (Uppsala University). Read more and register 31 January at the latest

Other seminars where the National Board of Trade´s experts participate